Our Brand Story

Mae + Skye Co. (then Joey Mae Handmade) was birthed in 2016 when I was on maternity leave with our first born, Josephine Mae. I have always loved being artsy and crafty so as a new mama at home with our baby girl, I was overwhelmingly inspired to hand make our own hair bows for her. This was when Joey Mae Handmade opened its doors! Fast forward to the end of 2018, with the arrival of our second baby girl, Penelope Skye, again while being on maternity leave and being inspired and all, I had the vision to expand our shop to include more than just our handmade bows. It only made sense to rebrand ourselves to reflect this new business direction and since we had another girl why not include her name in the brand, right? Stepping into 2019 as Mae + Skye Co., I have so many ideas that we are working towards bringing to life for you!

As always, thank you so very much for supporting this itty bitty side hustle of mine. As your love + support continue to grow, maybe I can quit my corporate accounting job one day!


Jennifer Bun